Back to normal

So after the post I wrote last week, I ended up sick for the next four, almost five days. FOUR DAYS! And I hate that! I feel like I missed out on a ton of stuff over the last several days I'm not even kidding. I got super behind in our painting project at home. Nate hasn't even touched his bar project so the basement continues to be a mess. We didn't walk or run at all last week so we're going to be super behind on that program as well. It looks like the maid more or less took a vacation at my house with the stacks of laundry and other cleaning things that need to be done (side note - yes Nate does pull his own weight, but he was busy taking care of me and ended up working on other things like cleaning the gutters - equally important). I missed out on chances to hang out with friends and family and even made a friend feel like I was a one way friend because I hadn't returned a call over the days I was sick.

I feel like I ended up letting some people down and almost like I just failed at life. And I was angry at my body for betraying me in this way. Who gets sick in the summer? And for so many days? I also missed some really nice weather too. I wanted to wave a magic wand and poof, be back to normal.

I know I sound like I'm whining here, but in truth, I was a bit worried for awhile too. I just couldn't seem to shake it and was beginning to wonder if something was seriously wrong with me (and I will admit to being somewhat of a hypochondriac at times).

Yesterday I finally started the turn around. I had enough energy to do my two Praise Project masses, I was able to go to the grocery store with Nate, watch him try out our new Looj tool in the gutters and celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday in the evening.

Today is even better. I'm more or less back to normal. Normal feels so good. As for the things that we're behind on, well, they'll get done. We'll dive back into our painting hopefully as time allows this week. Starting tomorrow we're going to walk and hopefully by the end of the week be back to running. And starting today I'll get caught up on the laundry and the cleaning. I will hopefully get in touch with that friend and make things right there.

And for the rest of the summer I need to remember my motto, one day at a time. I get so focused on the end goal of different things, but there are many steps to get there sometimes and it's important to take them as they come. There are still so many fun things I want to do as well and we will get to them, but we have to just go a little at a time. No overdoing, enjoying as it comes. And then things will hopefully stay normal for some time to come.


Gina said...

Glad that you are finally feeling better! I know what you mean about life seeming to get away from you! Never any fun or good!

Jes said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! We'll get back into painting really soon, and everything will get done. What is most important is that you feel good!