Thursday Thought post

Just a quick bullet point type post today of a few thoughts for Thursday.

~Can someone tell me why they sell my exact model of vaccum cleaner at Wal-Mart but they don't sell the replacement filters? They used to. Now I have to order one online. Big pain in butt if you ask me!

~Some of you might fall over and I assure you the world is not coming to an end, but guess what? I ate lettuce on a sandwich last night. GASP! Yes, it's true I love salad, but I just can't put lettuce on things. It's been a challenge of mine for a long time. But last night was the first baby steps towards being able to do it. And I survived. Look at me growing up. Ha ha ha.

~We went on a fantastic run this morning. Best one we've been on since getting back into it after I was sick. Reminded me of why I like doing this and why I want to keep going!

~Anxiously awaiting some numbers being crunched that might allow us to refinance the house. God if we could lower our monthly payments even a small amount I would do a happy dance of joy. Seriously, I'd do the Snoopy happy dance. Maybe I'll even video it and bring it here and you can all laugh at what a nerd I am. Then again, anyone who reads this blog probably already does that on a regular basis. Guess what? That's ok because I fully admit I am a Nerd!!

That is it for today!


Gina said...

I hope you have better luck with the refinancing the house then we did. If we went with them our payment would have dropped by about $150, but when I got all the paperwork, the new mortgage would have been more than what our orginal one was. No thank you! Way to go about the lettuce!

Jes said...

My fingers are crossed for you with the re-financing!