Best weekend of summer?

Just came off of one of the truly good weekends we've had this summer. Not that all of our weekends have been bad - but they've been busy or I was sick or it's been raining or something.

This weekend the weather was nice, we did do alot of things, but they were more on our own timetable and obviously we were both healthy, ha ha.

Saw some friends I do not get to see as often as I'd like, finally met my friend's beautiful new baby, saw a very strange and somewhat heavy movie in the theatre (we never go to movies in the theatre anymore!), ate some good food, and got some good work done around the house. All in all a successful and nice weekend. There was even a little bit of time for relaxing!

It seems life is finally slowing down just a little bit and I'm thankful. It's funny, I had been writing a post about how I was longing for fall because I haven't been liking the weather lately and because of how busy summer has seemed, but after this weekend I'm feeling differently about summer at the moment! We even had the air conditioner off for a large chunk of time yesterday and it was so nice to air out the house. Of course, it's going to be sticky and warm again this week, but this weekend was so, so lovely.

So, I'm feeling good about the upcoming week thanks to my wonderful weekend. It was much needed.

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Jes said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend!