Thrifty Tuesday

I had a fun new idea for some different kinds of posts. Since I talk here all the time about the deals I find at consignment and thrift shops, I thought maybe I'd share some of my finds here in pictures! So, Thrifty Tuesday/Thursday has been born! It might not be every Tuesday or Thursday, but if I think of it, I'll try to do it when I can. Today I realized every single thing I am wearing I got secondhand, but it all looks pretty darn nice and I bring it here to you in pictures. I will also share where I found each thing and if I can remember, the prices on each.

Ok so we all know I LOVE purses. I found this guy at a place I just discovered near my house (it's actually in New Brighton) called "Nancy's Nifty Thrifty Consignment Shop and Boutique". This purse only cost my $20. I'm pretty sure it came from Fun Sisters or something along those lines, but even one of those shops it was likely $40 or $50 new.

These sandals actually cost me nothing. My mom picked them up at a thrift store in Austin, MN called "Twice as Nice". They only cost her $7.00. Unfortunately, she wore them a couple of times and felt they were not all that comfortable and we have similar sized feet, mine are just a tid bit smaller. Small enough that these fit me. Her loss is my gain. They are Issac Mizrahi brand from Target, which translates to these probably being around $20-$30 when new.

And finally, my entire outfit today (the pictures will get better next time, this was a very fast decision on my part today!) came from Clothes Mentor. The shirt is by Nine and Co (usually found at Herbergers) and was around $5.00. My mom and I added the lace you see because it was a bit too low cut. The capris are gray and pink plaid from New York and Company and I got them for about $12.00. New York and Company is pretty affordable when new, but these still would've run closer to $30.00 new most likely.

So there you have it! Who knows, I may get into posting all sorts of deals I find on other things too, such as things for Nate, things for the house, you just never know!


Gina said...

what a great idea!!! I love the purse! I'm so jealous! I haven't had a new purse in ages.

Jes said...

Yeay for thrift store finds!!!

Anonymous said...

in the car on jeffs phone so sorry for typos....love the idea and the finds. i am all about good deals. i have been thinking of doing 30 DAYS of not buying anything new for anyone or our house or anything...well see if it happens! ha ha