A road less traveled

I saw a quote on a friend's Facebook page this weekend that really applies to a situation in my life at the moment. It said "don't make someone a priority in your life when you're only an option in theirs." I think this statement speaks volumes.

It dawned on me this weekend that there is someone in my life who has always only considered me an option. We have had a one-way street type relationship instead of a two-way street. And I feel relationships work best when there is that two-way street, you both have to be able to go both directions. Out of respect for that person I'm not going into major details and trust me, if you're reading this blog right now, you are most likely NOT that person.

At any rate though it does have me thinking, why put so much energy into something when it isn't returned? Life is too short to waste time on such things. I'm not going to dwell on it either. It simply is what it is. I have had other people like this in my life before and I have to say, I am healthier and happier when I stop worrying about them and just move on.

On the flipside, I'm sure that I have in my life been the one-way friend. Haven't we all at least once? It may be unintentional - life gets in the way and maybe something or someone who was once a priority becomes less of one through no fault of their own. Or maybe we just don't realize that things change and suddenly our attention is pulled in a different direction. We're humans, things happen. We're not perfect as I reflected in a post earlier this month.

So, if there is anyone out there that I ever treated as an option instead of a priority, I am going on record as saying I'm truly sorry. I'm certain it wasn't purposeful. And in the spirit of that, I'm forgiving the person in this instance as well, simply because I don't think that it's intentional on their part either. I'm not sure I ever was more than an option to them, but I don't fault them for it. I believe they may just be going through life with their blinders on.

If someday the road between us becomes a two way street, I'll be more than happy to drive down it. But for now I'm choosing to skip the one way street in favor of other roads in my life that go both ways. Because I'm so very blessed to have many roads to choose from on the map that is my life.


Gina said...

You've explained in a very clear way what it takes to make a friendship work. I'm sorry that you've felt like you were an option and not a priority. I hope you always know that you are a priority with me. I mean, when Steve met you he pretty much came to the conclusion that we're a package deal.

simplicity said...

Beth, this is a great synopsis and anaolgy (the one way street thing at the end. Whoa!) Thanks for sharing. What a good reminder of what kind of friend we all want to be and to have.