Random thoughts for a Monday

Not enough to make a full post out of something today so it's time once again for Random Thoughts from me! Well, ok, not all random, but simply the latest and greatest updates I guess!

~Nate and I totally missed the storms this weekend. We were safe in our basement, watching a movie and kind of heard the thunder, but never heard sirens or were aware of tornadoes, hail and straight line winds! We did end up with a downed tree way in the very back of our backyard field, but it was a boxelder that was dying and needing to come down anyway, so Mother Nature saved us some work actually! Nate can cut it up later this year for our fall bonfire.

~My summer "bucket" list has changed direction a little bit. Less work outside the house, more going on inside - we started that painting project as I've discussed here and it is looking like it might become more involved than originally thought due to the mold issue. We'll see how things go. Slowly working our way through the fun things too though. Hard to believe the summer is half over already.

~I got my car washed on Friday and I think it was the first time I had washed it in about a year. I don't even care that it rained already and dirtied the outside again - the inside was starting to really gross me out and after I was no longer sick I decided it was just time to get that taken care of. I love the car wash I go to, it's a little spendy, but they do an awesome job. So worth the money sometimes.

~I had a busy weekend, but managed to hit up one of my favorite stores, Clothes Mentor, who was having a sale - 70% off summer stuff. I bought five new things for work and I only spent $16.00. Crazy. I should teach a class on how to find deals!

~And that's it. That's all I have today. Not too much going on this week which is nice, I would love for life to slow down just a wee bit for a few days anyway!

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Gina said...

That's an awesome deal!!! Holy cow! I could sure use some new work clothes. Maybe we will have to go shopping there...if they carry my size.