Who rocks the most?

So Nate and I are avid music fans and we have a pretty eclectic selection at home. Over a year ago we bought Apple's Airport Express so we could simply stream our music directly from our main "music server" computer.

We love our variety, but of course, as all music fans know, you always want more! It doesn't help that our radio station of choice introduces us to all sorts of new and interesting artists and gets us hooked on their material.

The problem in the past has been by the time we get a gift card for iTunes, or save up a little money to go visit a music shop, we can't remember what we want. Nate came up with a solution to that problem. He owns the website www.rocksthemost.com He has yet to decide what to do with this website (and for the longest time it just had the words "Who rocks the most, I rocks the most" on it as placeholder) and had simply purchased it for the name (what can I say, it's a nerd thing I think). But now, if one were to visit that website, you would see our music wishlist.

Yes I know we could just create a Word document or even handwritten list, but this is more fun. And it sort of fits the "rocks the most" name. I give him points for creativity if nothing else!


Gina said...

That's awesome! I will keep my eye on it and if I every have any of that music or Steve for that matter, I will let you know so you can just borrow the disc and get the music.

Jes said...

Love it!