Spring is here!
We're lucky enough to be having an early and wonderful spring. I've been enjoying this weather quite a bit.
So have our cats:

I love catching them together whenever I have a chance. They are loving the warmer weather and days we have the windows open so they can get some fresh outside smells!
I have also completed another decopage project that is fun and springy!

I love ducks, not as much as penguins of course, but I do like ducks. I thought this was fun for spring. I even did the backside as well.
I used pastel paper and ducky themed wrapping paper on a simple circle ornament picked up at the dollar store! It now hangs in my bathroom as I thought it was a nice appropriate place to put it!
My current work in progress is an actual penguin - he is almost done and I'll post pics of him soon.
This upcoming weekend we're planning to get a start on some of those fun outdoor chores including cleaning out the garage and starting our spring yardwork.
I even don't mind the spring rain that we're going to have today and tomorrow! Can't have fresh green grass and flowers without it.
Welcome spring, welcome. We hope you are here to stay!


Gina said...

That completed project is so cute! I'm also liking the rain, help my new grass grow.

Jes said...

Cute ducky project!! I think you are a natural at that! :) Looks like the cats are enjoying the spring as much as we are ;) It is so nice to have the windows open again!