Bookend post

I just thought it was funny that I wrote on Monday this week and now I am writing on Friday. So it's a bookend kind of week I guess!

Honestly I haven't written much this week simply because I really have nothing all that stimulating to share. It's not necessarily a bad thing!

So, for lack of anything better - here's just a rundown of what we've been up to this week and what's coming up.

Tuesday I was off from work so the plumber could come. It was rather expensive for what he did and he wasn't there terribly long. So I mostly just enjoyed a relaxing day at home. I told Nate I could almost get used to the "Stay at home wife" gig. In the evening I went to the wake for Gina's grandmother and then to a jewerly/purse party at a co-worker's house. I enjoyed the party so much I booked one for myself because I'm either a sucker or a glutton for punishment. That'll be happening in another week or so.

Wednesday was a nice relaxing evening at home. Thursday ended up that way too. I was going to play tennis with my sister in law, but the weather was acting too iffy.

And now today is Friday. We did squeeze in a run in between rain showers this morning. This weekend we hope to maybe car shop a bit more for Nate and I'm super excited to be going to Hell's Kitchen for brunch on Sunday with my in-laws. Super size pancakes and mimosas, here I come!

So that's it. We're boring sometimes!


Gina said...

Hope you find a car this weekend! Have fun at Hell's Kitchen. Haven't been there for brunch. Steve and I went to the one in Duluth on our honeymoon for lunch...good food from what I remember.

Jes said...

I hope the car shopping went well this weekend!
And I hope you enjoyed Hell's Kitchen - that's one of my favorites! :)