Dishwasher Day

At long last we will have a new dishwasher installed tonight. I am beyond excited about this! I had to look through some old blogs to figure out just when the old one broke down, because I do remember writing about it. I thought it hasn't been as long as it turns out it has. I wrote about it here. It was September, not October like I originally thought!

Now, it's a luxury to have a dishwasher, I will be totally and completely honest about that. We do not need it. We've pretty much gotten by ok for the last seven months without one. But, with our busy lifestyle and the fact that we have the hookups to do it, it will be nice to have one again that works. Especially when we have Nate's family over for dinner and go through all of the dishes we own in one night.

The model we got is "Energy Star" rated which is very nice. It has some other bells and whistles that our other one didn't have as well, including a feature that works well for holding stemware in place. I used to be so nervous washing my cheapo charlie wine glasses (even though they are cheapo charlie ones!) in the old dishwasher, I'll be less worried about it now!

So, I should really thank the State of MN, because with our state tax refund we had the ability to do this. So thanks MN!

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