It is just SO a Monday...

So my problems are minimal compared to what some people in my life are dealing with right now, but let me tell you, I feel like things are piling up on me just a little bit at the moment.

Nate is going to need a new (used) car very soon. We started the process of looking for one this weekend but sadly the one we found we liked had just a couple of things that didn't make it worth the money. So we're just hoping to find something soon in the price range we want before his other car completely dies on us!

To add to that, last night we figured out that we have a water problem in our utility closet. We're pretty sure that the pipe that leads to the toilet in the upstairs bathroom and also to the sink in the downstairs bathroom is leaking. To the point that the carpet outside said closet was damp last night. Not good.

So, guess who gets an impromptu day off tomorrow to wait for the plumber? This girl! But guess who still gets to get up just as early because of a nurse coming to do a quick exam for our life insurance applications? This girl! Guess who really does not want to waste a day off stuck at home all day waiting for the plumbers to show up? This girl!

I'm sure I can just fiddle faddle around the house tomorrow since I'll be there, I've got a chick flick in my Netflix On Demand queue that I know Nate doesn't want to watch so I 'm sure I could watch that and I bet if I really thought about it I could even come up with some house chores that I could be doing that don't involve water (assuming they'll be shutting the water off). But I wish that I could be out doing something fun with my day off. Shopping, getting my long overdue massage that I have a gift card for, stuff like that! I guess those things will have to wait for another time.

My fear is that this will be costly to fix and I really don't want us to be delayed in getting Nate a new car or to have it affect our upcoming trip to Itasca. But so it goes when you own a house! But it's things like this that make me wish sometimes I was just a kid playing house instead!

A number of other things are weighing on my mind at the moment as well, but I am not going into details here. It just feels like a Monday. Yep, I've got me a case of the Mondays. No good cure at the moment either. Just gotta press on!


simplicity said...

Does Nate want a PT Cruiser or Minivan?!?!? We are hoping to sell both soon and get new (used) vehicles! haha
Also, I've got a bad case of the Mondays too! Must be in the air!

Gina said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about the case of the Mondays. Thank you for the card last night.