Time for another update type post!

Thought I'd do a "what's new with us" post since I haven't in quite awhile.

So, here are the highlights:

- Our walking and jogging is going pretty well. I was pleased and shocked to get through the required three minutes and then some this morning! I guess I am improving as we go!

- Nate is getting to start working more with the server side of IT which is a great step for him, it will give him more experience. The downside is it's alot of evening/night work, last night was a good example, he was tied up from 7:30 to 9:30. The plus side is the more he gets into it the more he should be able to work remotely and still watch TV with me at night and that sort of thing as he works.

- I am moving at work once again. To an office. With four walls, a door and a window! I recently took on the job of making the security badges for HR so I needed a larger space to keep the equipment. While it is an office, it's not terribly much larger than my cube, but I'm not complaining. I am very excited about this move.

- Praise Project is taking a little break through Holy Week and the Easter season, so my parents and I decided to join up with the St. Williams choir to at least sing for the Holy Week services. I have to say, nice people, but man, the music is boring. Also, I was shuffled over to be an alto, which is a bit odd since I have sung soprano for well, as long as I've been singing. I guess I should look at it like a new and interesting challenge...or something like that.

- Nate and I booked a week long getaway to Itasca in May. I am so looking forward to a week away even if it'll pinch us just a bit financially. Thank goodness for tax refunds!

- Speaking of tax refunds we hope to finally replace our dishwasher in the near future. It died in October and while I did not grow up with a dishwasher, I loved having one when we moved into this house. I have sorely missed it, especially if we've had company!

That is about it! I am proud of us for our exercise efforts so far and am very happy that Spring appears to be here to stay!


Gina said...

Lots of exciting things coming up for you! That stinks about Nate having to work later, but great he can expand his knowledge even more!

Jes said...

What an update! I'm so excited for your vacation to Itasca! You will have such a great time! You deserve it :)

simplicity said...

Itasca! Fun!