Running update

So the walk to run program is going pretty well for us so far! We are up to stretches where we go up to three minutes at one time - and it actually feels pretty good!

I am starting to enjoy a bit and I'll even admit to missing it if we don't do it. Nate had a bad cold earlier this week so we didn't get up to go and I just stayed home and did the elliptical machine, which had been my chosen form of exercise for quite awhile.

It didn't wake me up or make me feel nearly as good as my walking and running does!

So who knows, I may become a full fledged runner yet! We'll keep plugging away!

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Gina said...

That's awesome. I remember when I was training to run the 5K that if I missed a day I felt so tired and almost run down because of not running. I miss that. I should work my way up again and start running too!