Weekend adventures

So I had a rather adventurous weekend. Well, ok maybe not SUPER adventurous, but interesting to say the least.

Friday night was date night and it was Nate's turn to pick. He really wanted good barbeque. I should emphasize the word good. We usually go to Famous Dave's which is good enough, but he wanted something different. There is amazing deal in the Happenings book for Rudolph's BBQ in Minneapolis - buy one dinner entree, get one free. So, we chose to go down there and boy am I glad we did! It was an outstanding meal, some of the best BBQ I've had in awhile. I used to go to Rudolph's when I was younger, but it's been a very, very long time so this was a nice treat! After dinner we headed home and settled in with our new Netflix on Demand disc for our Wii - if you are a Wii owner, you should really consider this disc, it's awesome!

Saturday is where things get a little more in the "adventure" genre. I got up and met up with my parents on what has now become our weekly quest to try different bakeries in the Metro area. We got coffee and stopped at Sarah Jane's in Minneapolis. Then I took my mom to Rosedale because she's been jonsing for a mall fix. We got some good deals on some things. Took her home and then headed home to clean the house and such.

Now I knew that going home my normal route would be a bit interesting as they were demolishing a foot bridge that crosses a busy highway in our city, but I purposely still went that way so I could see the progress they were making. But as I approached the intersection I discovered that you could not actually drive through because there were police cars and other emergency vehicles and police tape. So I took a detour through some neighborhoods. I drove past a house that had police tape as well and a guy with a video camera, but I didn't think much of it. I assumed the other scene I had passed was maybe in relation to the construction, like there had been an accident.

I get home finally and come to find out, there was a murder/suicide in the parking lot of a restaurant at that corner and the house I drove by was where the couple actually lived! AND apparently my car was in the shot of the house on the news - hence the video camera I passed! Wow, crazy. Tragic and sad yes, but man, to be in the thick of it!

Saturday night we were out for a bit and came home to a message on our answering machine. The message was short - it was just a person saying "Guess Who?" in a sing songy kind of voice. But we must have played it over and over again to the point that we just started laughing so hard tears were rolling down our face! Nate thought it sounded kind of like his grandma Dolly, but asking her later it was not her! So if you called us - well played, we have no idea who it was!

Sunday morning we were awaken at 5:45 by a phone call - poor Nate had to get out of bed and take his mom and grandma to the airport. His dad was going to do it, but got sick at the last minute so they needed someone to step in. Let me tell you, nothing wakes you up more than the phone ringing at an odd hour of the day. I don't know how I fell back asleep for a bit, but when I got up at 7:00 (early morning church gig on top of everything else) Nate was back and had even stopped to get me coffee - what a wonderful man!

Sunday evening brought us to a fundraising dinner for the Sister City committee of which Nate's grandma is a member. Grandma paid for our tickets so it was pretty much free food. It was a little awkward - I saw people from my old church that I have not seen in over a year at this point, but it was good to see some of them. It could have been worse, though I was kind of glad to get out of there when we were finished eating.

So after all of that, we just crashed last night and watched some four hours of TV, not even kidding. That's not really like us, but we were so wiped out! We managed to finish Arrested Development Season Two (this is why Netflix for the Wii is awesome) so that was a good thing!

I can only hope my week is a little less crazy than this weekend just was!

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