Getting my Gleek On

No I didn't mispell anything in the subject line. The day I've been waiting four long months for is finally here. My favorite show, my nerdy obsession, my reason for existance is back. Ok, maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit...but I'm pretty excited to be able to finally watch Glee again! And the timing is pretty awesome, it's coming back just as some of my other favorite shows are winding their seasons down.

So while four months ago I wrote this letter in anger to Fox TV, today I'm coming back and telling Fox I am reconsidering our relationship. As long as they don't do anything stupid like cancel the show all together (which I know won't happen - it's already been renewed for season two) then I think we'll get along just fine again!

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Gina said...

I was so excited for the new show! It was awesome, as I also got my gleek on last night!