Made it through the whole winter and now....

Spring colds = a bummer

Running with a cold = no fun

Trying to get spring cleaning done with a cold = not much getting done

See where this is going? I have been gifted with a spring cold. Nate had it first and then was kind enough to pass it along to me. Actually, I've been exposed to a few different colds. I keep blaming poor Nate, but my dad had this, my in-laws had this, various people at work have had this. I could've picked it up anywhere.

No matter where I got it, it is no fun. Especially when the weather is awesome and it's a weekend and you had plans to do spring cleaning. Fortunately I did manage to get some things done this weekend even with my head in a fog!

We bought a new dishwasher, that's probably the thing I am most excited about right now. It's been a long six months without one! Because the Tax Gods were kind to us this year, we decided we could finally afford to replace our current one, whose motor went out back in early October. The best part is, we're getting free delivery and installation and they will haul away the old one! Definitely worth it in my book!

Besides that we only accomplished a couple of other things over the weekend. So next weekend will be that much more full of work I guess!

I just want to shake this darn cold, my poor nose is so dry from being blown so many times! Nate said I was even attempting to sneeze in my sleep. I can only imagine what that must have looked like!

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Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon. Drink warm tea, that will help a ton.