An open letter to Fox TV

Dear Fox Network,

I am beyond excited for tonight's big "fall finale" of your very successful new show Glee. However, I am quite disgusted that after tonight, it will be over four months before a new episode will be shown again. April 13th. This is a longer break than a summer hiatus!

Look, I understand you have to make room for your golden child American Idol but you know what? I think that ship has sailed. A long, long time ago. I once was a fan and all, but I am tired of seeing the same thing year after year. You probably should've taken a hint when Paula stepped down that maybe it was time to be done.

Besides that, why can't Glee and American Idol play together somehow? You're managing to keep room for other shows, such as another favorite of mine, House MD. I especially find this perplexing when So You Think You Can Dance is wrapping up soon here. So why can't American Idol just take it's place and still lead into Glee? I would suspect you'd find Glee's ratings to continue to be high if you did this. But what do I know? I am not a TV executive.

No, you seem content to pull one of the biggest hits of the fall season and bring it back months later on a different night even. Because this is what you are known for. And in the process you manage to actually kill some shows that could've been big properties for you. Apparently you do not care Fox. So that's fine. But I will tell you this, I will not be watching American Idol this year. I will boycott it to the core. And if you do end up killing what has become such a joy for me to watch each week in the delightful and fun Glee, I can tell you right now that our relationship will be over for good. Just a little something for you to ponder Fox. But I'm sure you don't care.

A loyal viewer for NOW,


simplicity said...

I haven't seen Glee at all but i've heard great things about it, I'm shocked they wouldn't just keep a good thing going.

Gina said...

Well said. I tried leaving a comment earlier, but apparently my computer was having issues. I'm truly going to miss my Wednesday night get away with Glee for the next 4 months. Dang Idol.