To Whom It May Concern

Dear Facebook,

Thank you ever so much for your suggestions, but I am getting a little tired of asking to add the same ten people as a friend that you are "suggesting" to me. When I click the "X" next to that person's name, it means I probably do not actually know that person and therefore do not wish to add them as a friend. I have nothing against these people, but honestly, just because one of my 200 Facebook friends (seriously, 200? How is that possible...might be time for some housecleaning on that one) is friends with this person, does not mean that I am acquainted with them. So seriously, thank you, but no thank you.

Actually, while I'm on the topic of suggestions - I think it's great that I can now become a fan of some of my favorite businesses, restaurants, retail stores and what have you. Many of them (Caribou Coffee in particular) offer free things or coupons to their Facebook fans and I think that is fantastic. So thank you for giving us fan pages for these places. That being said, I do not understand the point of becoming a fan of "sleeping in", "three day weekends", or "hanging out with friends". Yes I am very much a fan of these things, but I don't really see the purpose behind a fan page for them. And I have nothing against my friends who choose to become a fan of these things for all of Facebook to see - but you really don't have to keep telling me "Become a fan of ice cream, so and so is." I'm just saying.

So just stop being so darn pushy, I'll add what I want to add, and I'll search for it if I can't find it.

Thank you,

Dear Twitter,

I enjoy using your service more than I thought I would. Not only do I keep up with friends, but I can follow celebrities, businesses I frequent, and even news and weather updates. It's pretty cool. But I do have one complaint. I keep being told "so and so" is following me on Twitter, but I get so little information when I go to these people's profiles. I think you should allow more options on a person's homepage so that when you are told they are following you, you can at least learn more about them - it would help me determine if this is a person I know or if someone random is stalking me. I would hate to wrongly block someone that I potentially am an acquaintance of, but sometimes I just can't figure out who a person is from just their username and their Tweets.

Thank you,

Ok, ok, I'm going to come out and say it, I'm a social networking addict. I cannot get enough of it. But, sometimes little things about these sites drive me nuts, hence these letters I wrote. Pretty much just some random thoughts from my head, maybe these don't bother other people, but sometimes they bother me. They'll probably never change, but then again, I'm not going to stop using my social media even if they don't!

How about you readers? Anything about social networking drive you nuts? Are you as hopelessly addicted as I am?

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