My belated anniversary gift

Or should I say, coming soon to this blog: pictures!

Ok, here's the long overdue story I've been alluding to for a few weeks.

For our anniversary I had gifted Nate the tickets to Rock the Garden. He gave me the gift of going to FAO Schwartz online's store and doing the "Build your own Muppet workshop". I was so excited and we even sat down and played with the website when we returned from dinner on our anniversary. We did not order it that night however - he wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with my choices so we decided to sleep on it and order the next day. I probably should've just gone with my gut that night because the next day the website had a weird message about being "updated to serve you better" and was not taking orders. Then in the news that morning it was announced that Toys R Us had purchased FAO Schwartz effective immediately. Since that day, the FAO site has not returned.

We talked about it and I said I was happy to wait it out - but Nate pointed it out that if the website ever came back I could have that as my gift for something else, a birthday or Christmas. So we talked about what else I might want that was comparable. I said I wanted a small sized digital camera that would take nice pictures.

We went and looked at some in a camera store and figured out what we thought I'd like. Nate then went online to see if he could find a better deal - which he did - so we ordered it.

It finally came yesterday! I'm excited, it's a Nikon Coolpix, small enough to fit in my purse! So now I won't be without a camera if the mood strikes me to take pictures that might be fun to add to this here blog! I charged the battery overnight and will play with it this evening and weekend.

So there you have it. Not the most exciting story of what happened, but in a way, I'm glad how things worked out, this investment is something that will benefit me much more in the long run I think!

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Gina said...

YEAH!! You have a camera again!!! I know you have been wanting one for a long time! I hope you enjoy playing with and figuring out your new camera. I can't wait to see it!