Man, I don't know where this summer is going, I really don't. We're already halfway through July. Halfway through the whole summer pretty much. That just blows my mind!

Seems like this happens just about every year though. It's inevitable. I know alot of people are not happy with our lack of warm weather this year, but I personally love it. I would much rather leave the windows open as a way of cooling down the house than air conditioning, even if we did get a new air conditioner.

Our summer hasn't exactly looked like what I thought it would. We have yet to do some of our favorite activities - golf, biking (more myself than Nate), mini-golf, Farmer's Market. I fear we will not get to some of these things before the summer is over! So I'm hoping we can get to some of these very soon.

Things we have done this summer include work around the house, barbeques, beer brewing (although even that we've done a bit less of than normal), singing with Praise Project, eating at outdoor patios when we have the chance, and attending outdoor concerts. So that's alot when you think about it and understandable that we haven't necessarily gotten around to some of the other things yet!

Now that we have reached the halfway point I know that the rest of the summer will continue to fly by. Especially when I see the list of things coming up - a day off for me next week to recharge my batteries with a beach day, a family reunion in early August, another big Praise Project gig, weekend up north with family in mid-August, State Fair at the end of August. Then it will be September. See? Time will fly!!

In a way, I don't mind. As most folks know, I'm not much of a summer girl. I live for Fall. So I do look forward to it's arrival, even though most people around me are like, no slow down summer! Just have to enjoy each day as it comes, it is all you can do!

So, how has your summer been going?

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simplicity said...

Our summer is going great! I am LOVING summer! I do love fall but I am trying to enjoy as much time as I can outside. The winter totally bums me out! Hope you enjoyed your weekend Beth!