Few things to note today

It has now been three months since I quit my horrible finger picking habit. I am feeling really good, I am so happy that I managed to kick that habit!!

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. They have been married 31 years. Happy anniversary to the best parents in the whole wide world!! Love you guys very much!

Only two more days until our new couch and loveseat arrive. I cannot wait. I think I will burst with joy when it comes! The thought of being able to actually sit with Nate and be comfortable is just so exciting to me!

I am more than halfway through a short week for work. I love taking an occasional three day weekend here and there throughout the year. I actually think sometimes it's a better "re-charge" of my batteries than taking a whole week would be.

Of course, my upcoming weekend is another jammed packed one. Our summer has just been insanely busy. I do enjoy being so busy, but I am kind of hoping things slow down a wee bit in August.

I have a dentist appt tonight. Yucko. Anyone want to go for me?

And those are my notes for today.

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