All about the saving

So Nate and I are always looking for a way to save a little money because even though we're both currently employed (praise God) we definitely want to save as much as we can. We're excited about the potential to save a little more in the form of one thing that has in reality been a bit wasteful for us over the last year - cell phones.

We're not getting rid of our cell phones, but shock of all shocks - neither of us use them very much. Nate's is due to having a very nice cell phone for work that allows him free texting all of the time (and his boss encourages them to use their phones for whatever, nice guy huh?). Mine is due to the fact that if I do use my phone, it's in the evening or on weekends when my minutes are free or I also do a fair share of texting now as we have an unlimited plan for it. And the best perk of all we've found with Verizon is free calling to other Verizon customers. Since my parents are on Verizon as well, this works quite well.

We were chatting with my parents about this and that we feel we pay alot for minutes we're just not using and they are more or less the same way - so we thought, hey, maybe we should see if we can do a family plan with all of us when our contract is up. That time is now, so we're going to chat with the fine folks at Verizon and at least see what our options are. I'm excited, because I think we'll cut our bill in half this way! At any rate I hope it works out, if I have to get a new number, well, so be it. I'm all for saving money.


Gina said...

That's always awesome when you can save some money! I hope that you are able to get onto your parent's plan and get a new phone :)

Alexandra said...

You kids are funny! Mom wanted to add you onto their family plan years ago! :)

On the other hand, if you prefer Verizon, then it probably makes more sense to go through them with your parents.