Another weekend gone by

I had a great three day weekend, it was nice to have a day off to recharge the old batteries! I have to say, Nate and I also were quite productive again this weekend too. Thursday evening we grilled some steaks and enjoyed a bottle of wine, then prepared our basement for the delivery of the new furniture. I also spent some time with the kitties.

Taylor loves the box, Pippin just likes to be near Taylor
I took a quick before shot of the old furniture, please ignore the laundry drying in the background!
Old uncomfortable loveseat and chair

Awesome new comfy couch!
The loveseat pretty much looks the same, just smaller. We put them in an "L" shape around our cedar chest and it works great for TV viewing or for conversations with friends!
After the furniture delivery on Friday, I met Gina and her sister Deborah to go have a beach day at Elm Creek Park Reserve's man made beach. Now when I left my house at 11:00, it was cloudy and looked like it might still rain a bit - but I packed all my beach gear in case we decided to still go. We discussed it and saw that the clouds were starting to break up so we gave it a try. I'm so glad we did, it turned into a beautiful day. The only problem was - I didn't apply my sunscreen as well as I thought I did. I ended up with severely sunburned legs. My nickname for the rest of the weekend became "lobster legs". I ended up wearing skirts the rest of the weekend as well!

An attempt to show my sunburn

The picture really doesn't show the redness very well. The funniest part? There was a small part of my leg that wasn't burned and looked like it was in the shape of a heart. Of course I was teased that I did that on purpose!

Saturday Nate and I had a whole day for ourselves. We got up and went to Home Depot (so exciting right?) to get supplies for installing our new dryer. Then we went to the homebrew shop so Nate could pick up the first of his kegging equipment. Yes that's right, we're moving to kegging versus bottling. Do you know how much work goes into bottling? He can fill a keg in 20 minutes, bottling takes days between the sanitizing and cleaning and filling of bottles. I know this will disappoint those of you who like to give us bottles and also everyone is worried we won't be able to share our beer as easily - have no fear, we'll be investing in some growlers so we can make the beer portable. Anyway, it'll be a few steps before we're fully set up for kegging, but we're getting started!

We returned home and Nate got the dryer installed. I'm very pleased with it so far! Saturday night we tried a new restaurant, well new to us, that will be reviewed in our food blog. Best burgers ever I swear! We also watched Slumdog Millionaire which was just ok..I don't think it's worth all the hype it got.

Sunday I sang with the Summer Choir over at St. Williams with my parents while Nate brewed a batch of beer. It'll be something called Autumn Amber Ale and guess what - it won't be ready until about September so perfect timing! We grocery shopped and then brought Famous Dave's over to Nate's parents for dinner. Finished out our weekend with the Next Food Network star.

Whew! It flew by too fast!

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