Productive, pleasant weekend

We had a good weekend and we even accomplished some things which makes me feel even better!

Friday was a usual Praise Project practice (Say that three times fast, seriously). We had a good time with our music family and then headed home to bed.

Saturday we got up and decided we were going to attempt to find a couch and loveseat set for our basement. We had done only a little looking previously. See, the furniture we have down there, was either free or cheap and we've decided that they are not the most comfortable options ever. The biggest thing is that right now, we just cannot sit together to watch TV or movies. And you know what? Sometimes we like to cuddle! So, it was just time to find something new.

The challenge we have is the doorway to our basement is narrow. Very, very narrow. So, we had to find an option that would be able to fit through it! We'd only been to one furniture store so far and let me tell you, not only were there not many options, but the staff was not very helpful. Anyway, on Saturday we thought, maybe we should go up to Becker Furniture World. On the way however, is Ashley Furniture Homestore, so we stopped there first. We had a very helpful sales person, we found something that worked, was comfortable and available all within a half hour! The new stuff will be delivered on Friday. I was so pleased!

With that out of the way, we were free to pretty much enjoy the rest of our day! We had a quick lunch, went home and cleaned a bit, then had dinner with Gina and Steve and then made some bagel dough for Sunday morning.

Sunday we enjoyed our bagels, ran some errands, and got the new dryer we took from Nate's parents last weekend into the house. Nate figured out some things he'll need to do to install it, so the first step in that process is over. We then enjoyed dinner with my in-laws since my father-in-law is recovering from surgery and then ended our weekend with a beer and The Next Food Network Star on TV.

So, a good mix of fun stuff, but we actually accomplished some things too! Coming up this week will be work on the dryer, more painting in that darn bedroom, the delivery of our new furniture AND a short week for me! I took a vacation day this coming Friday and I am very excited about it!

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Gina said...

We had a wonderful time on Saturday!!! Really enjoyed hanging out with you two again.