Low key holiday weekend

We had a good, but pretty low key holiday weekend, though that was ok with me. Part of this was due to the fact that yes Nate and I both had to work on Friday. I know this was a huge shock to alot of people, every time I told someone I was working I would get that "look". Hello, I work in healthcare, we close for very few holidays. If the 4th was on a weekday then yes, we would've been off. Nate's office is much the same way - they need to be available to their clients for emergency IT service. Fortunately for Nate, it was one of his flex days on Friday so he was off at noon and I managed to pull out of work by around 3:00.

We chose a different place for dinner that we have not been before which was fun - Willowgate II in Roseville (see this post for more info about that). Then we walked around Target for a little bit because we just never do that anymore! Bought a new game and went home to play it.

Saturday we got up, Nate made bagels (I have to get him to post his recipe sometime - they are so good!) while I painted in the bedroom some more. My goal is to get that project wrapped up in the next couple of weeks - yikes. But I'm going to push us on it. Then we cleaned up and headed to my parents house for a picnic. It was just us, them and another family from choir, so pretty low key for sure. Unfortunately, it rained just as we were finishing eating, so we sat inside and visited some more. We headed home by around 5:00. We were invited to a picnic with Nate's family too, but both of us were kind of wiped out and feeling a little anti-social, so instead we stayed in and played Wii games, drank a couple of beers and just hung out. We didn't even go to fireworks, just weren't really up to it.

Sunday I got up and went to church with my parents, came home and ate some of Nate's yummy bagels. We did a little yardwork and then hit a sale at Kohls so Nate could get some more summer type clothes for work. They had some great prices yesterday! We hit the grocery store then headed to his parents for dinner. I am excited - since my in-laws are getting a new dryer that will stack on their washer, they are selling us their dryer that is in wonderfully great shape and will be tons better than the one we have! I hate our dryer, it has this loud annoying buzzer (we all know I hate loud noises) and it's old so I don't think it really works 100% great. My in-laws dryer is less than 10 years old, might even be less than 5. This will revolutionize the way I do laundry, he he. I just didn't think we'd get a newer dryer this soon. It wasn't high priority, but this is going to work out great!

So that was more or less our weekend. It was low key and relaxing and not that much different from a regular weekend, but was still a good one!

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Gina said...

Hand me down applicances are the best!!! I love them! We were able to get an updated kitchen with ours. Hope that you love your new dryer when it comes!!!