If you give a mouse a cookie...

There's a popular children's book I love called "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie" and it basically is a story of a chain of events that will happen if you give a mouse a cookie. He'll then decide he is thirsty and then needs to clean up and so on and so forth, ending in the cute little mouse wanting a cookie again. It's adorable.

Anyway, I should really title this entry "If you have to move a piano" because it has sort of reminded me of the "give a mouse a cookie" book.

Months ago now we chatted with my in-laws and said we'd take their upright piano because they no longer want it. Now, neither of us play piano, but I can plunk notes if I'm learning a new song or who says I won't want to learn or we won't someday have children who want to learn. So having a piano could be a very cool thing.

Anyway, it was still winter when we discussed it so we said we'd wait until the weather was nicer. Of course, then we got busy with many other things. Well, now is the time to move it. This coming Friday we'll be having piano movers bring it over to our house. This only poses one problem. We need to finish painting our new bedroom.

Ok, now you're scratching your head going, what does getting a piano have to do with finishing your never ending painting project that you keep talking about Beth? Didn't you start that painting back in March? Um yes, yes we did...I have no comment on that. But here's why we need to finish it. Ready for this?

The piano is going where we currently have a rectangular table in our living room. The rectangular table is going to move to where we have a round table in the extended portion of our kitchen. The round table is going down to the basement into the empty space where we got rid of another table and where Nate's drums currently sit. Nate's drums are moving upstairs into our current bedroom which will be an empty bedroom until we have kids (which will happen someday, but not that soon that we can't do this for now). Then our current bedroom will swap with the bedroom we've been painting.

Ok, did you follow all of that? So to avoid living in crazy chaotic clutter, especially when I booked a Partylite party for just over a week from now, we have to finish the bedroom painting and get our bedroom moved ASAP. So, I guess this was the kick in the behind I needed, I spent just about the entire weekend painting and pretty much am down to some outline work and touch up work and then it's done. I mean DONE. I am so excited, we should have had this finished months ago, but sometimes the best laid plans....

So, if you have to move a piano, chances are, you just might get a bedroom painting project finished!

A picture post will come when all of these crazy changes are finished!

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Gina said...

Oh I can't wait to see the bedroom when it's all finished!!! I bet it will look wonderful! Isn't it a GREAT feeling to know that you've completed a painting project and that it looks awesome?