Big wheel keep on turning

Last night I drove home from work like normal, got home in a reasonable amount of time and stepped out of my car. I noticed a weird hissing kind of noise, but at first thought maybe one of the neighbors was watering their lawns and had their sprinklers on full force. But then, as I went to unlock the house I thought about it and I decided to check my tires just to see if it could possibly be that.

Darn it that I was right.

My drivers side rear tire was hissing and losing air at a rather alarming rate. I'm wondering what I possibly could've run over and it had to have happened very close to home for me to have not had problems with it. But, I'm a weakly girl, so I just left it alone until Nate could come home and look at it.

He got home and just so happened to have a tire air pressure portable unit, so he hooked that up to my tire which was now more or less as flat as it could be. He managed to get it to fill up enough that he could see about an inch long razor was nicely stuck into the tire. So, now we're faced with a challenge, it's more than something that can just be patched on our own. He first called Tires Plus who said they don't do holes larger than 1/2 inch. So, he then called and consulted with his dad who sadly is still out comission from surgery, otherwise we would've just had him help us. Steve told us to try the Discount Tire place on Central since Nate feels more comfortable with them and that if they can fix it, we'll look at new tires in a couple of months when he's up and about again.

The only problem will be if Discount Tire cannot fix it either. Then I am looking at four new tires - which sucks because we just replaced them with some extra tires Steve had laying around his shop not too long ago!!

So, now we were faced with the task of getting my spare on to my car so I could at least drive to work today since Discount Tire was closed by the time we figured everything out. It's not easy work jacking up your car with the little jack they give you in your trunk! Finally we got the spare on, the flat tire is now bolted to the back and I'll be heading to the tire place after work today! I just hope it's fixable!

I have to say, Nate took the sting off the whole thing by making me an alcoholic milkshake last night, so the night wasn't all bad!

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