Good vibrations

Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee. And most everyone knows my favorite coffee is from Caribou. My drink of choice is usually a small latte with a shot of vanilla. On occasion I'll get a mint condition, a vanilla coffee cooler or even the plain coffee of the day, but 9 times out of 10 I want my vanilla latte. Some of the baristas even know that that's my drink of choice. Today however, I tried something new and I have fallen in love to the point that I may be cheating on my latte a little more often. Medium white chocolate cold press = pure bliss. It was a "Monday special" today and I thought, heck why not. I'll give it a go. I'm still in a happy caffiene nirvana right now. Heaven. I figure this is good, it's nice to have a cold option for summer and while coffee coolers are yummy - they are rather filling and rich (i.e. also many calories) and this was refreshing and different. I am in love.

Speaking of love, I sang at a wedding at my old church this weekend. It was hard to do it, I had not set foot in the sanctuary since I walked out of mass on February 15th. Before arriving I felt very sick, but during the wedding I relaxed a little. It wasn't so bad and as the bride was coming down the aisle, I started thinking about my own wedding in this very space. I thought, I don't want to only focus on the bad about this place, this is still the place that I got married, pledged my love and devotion for my husband in front of family, friends and God, and it would be unfortunate to only think of the negative things about that place. So, while I am still sad about the way things played out, and feel sad that bad things are still happening there, I am also trying hard to remember the good times and realize that no matter what happens, the most important event in my life took place there and nothing will ever take that away from me. And I'm in a better place now, so I have to feel good about that as well.

So there you go, two good feelings for a Monday. I hope you all have good feelings today too.

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