The rescheduled Torchlight 5K is tonight. Thank goodness it is nice and comfortable outside with low humidity today!

It'll be interesting to see how this goes. We have "re-started" our walk to run program from the beginning, attempting to run at a faster speed during our running segments. Due to this, we are kind of back to the shorter running "segments" and haven't been out on a long run for kind of awhile now.

I'm not being negative and saying we're not going to be able to run any of the race tonight, but if we end up walking some (or most) of it, I won't be disappointed. My ultimate goal is to still run an entire 5k at some point, but that will be after we've done some more training!

I do feel like we took a little step backwards in the whole running thing, but the ultimate goal is improvement and sometimes you have to take little baby steps to get to the top. And I'm still proud of what we achieved earlier this summer! I'm looking ahead to winter and hoping we can find a better way to stay active (as long as we both stay healthy and don't have any early setbacks). I really want to figure something out anyway. It's never too early to look ahead. I'm hoping the "S" word holds off a bit longer this year too so we can take advantage of outdoor workouts a bit longer!

I'm off track now. Back to tonight, I'm looking forward to a nice lovely evening in Minneapolis, I'm so thankful the weather is better today and I think it'll be a good experience to just get a taste of a 5k if nothing else. Here goes nothing!

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Gina said...

Way to go on completing the 5K!!! I'm so proud of you!!!