Monday smiles

I love weekends like this last weekend. Well, specifically days like yesterday. That's not to say Saturday was bad, but there were a couple of hiccups that made it not super great. Yesterday was awesome and very much needed.

Nate and I just haven't had much time for just "us" lately, not to complain about things we've been doing, but we do need that "couple" time to connect. Fortunately we had Mass on Saturday, so we didn't have to do anything yesterday morning. So we slept in and made a nice breakfast for the first time in weeks. I love lazy Sunday mornings with my hubby. He made delicious pancakes and we totally just chilled and enjoyed them.

After that we headed over to the homebrew store to get the next kit we want to brew. This one will be a little bit of a squeeze to get done in time for Oktoberfest but we'll give it our best shot. It's a "Peak Smoked Porter". We've made it before but it's been a couple of years actually. It'll be a great fall/winter beer.

Later in the afternoon we went over to Nate's grandparents for a picnic since his aunt, uncle and cousin were in town. It was very relaxed and we had a nice visit with everyone. We just snacked at the picnic because we hadn't gone out on Saturday night so we wanted to go out for a little dinner just us last night instead.

After the picnic we came home and spent about 45 minutes cleaning out under our basement stairs and re-organizing all of the homebrew stuff we have and it's SO much nicer. We also have a nice place to store some of the craft beer we've been buying periodically so we don't have to put as much in the fridge at one time. I love what we have done down there, it looks great. We ended up with several bags of garbage too and there is just something so refreshing about throwing things out sometimes! We're still planning on getting a dumpster yet this fall too, but I'm glad we threw out some stuff now.

Then we had dinner at Acapulco as I was really in the mood for a margarita. Came back home and watched a little TV and then went to bed.

It was just a nice day to be together and sometimes we just need that.

Looking ahead I have made the happy discovery of three short work weeks in a row because of upcoming activities that we're taking time for and also because of Labor Day next weekend.

So even though it's Monday, I'm smiling.


Gina said...

That is awesome! Very lucky that you get 3 short weeks.

Rebecca said...

My husband and I want to try homebrewing, but haven't gotten around to it yet.