Fabulous Friday - 8/26/11

I'm renaming "Favorite Friday" to "Fabulous Friday" since it is all about things I'm finding fabulous at week's end. And then I can be a little more broad with it! So here is what I'm finding fabulous today!

1. Grilled Shrimp and Scallops - Nate treated us to home grilled shrimp and scallops the other night and OMG, there are no words. It was soooooo delicious. I love that he is so willing to take risks and we get so much use out of our grill each summer, it's fantastic.

2. Wilfred - Another dumb show we've gotten hooked on, this one is currently airing on FX and it's extremely off the wall...but it's a quick half hour of something funny when you need something absolutely mindless. Who doesn't love Elijah Wood too? Come on, he's just as cute now as he was in Lord of the Rings.

3. Completing a 5K - We didn't manage to run the entire thing as I kind of predicted, but we still finished the entire 5K and our time wasn't horrible, around 47 minutes. I have no complaints. I know what I'm working towards and I am looking forward to trying another one, maybe the Turkey Day one even. We shall see!

4. The State Fair - yes I had said we might have to miss it, but things have worked out and we get to go after all! We'll be going on Tuesday and I'm beyond excited!!

5. Stella and Dot - I mentioned earlier this week that I fell in love with the new fall line from Stella and Dot at Ali's party last weekend and now I'll be having my own party in September. Hoping for some pretty new things to "gift myself" for my birthday in November. They have the world's fastest shipping too - the things I ordered at Ali's party showed up by Wednesday of this week so I was able to enjoy them already!

Happy weekend! Hope you're all finding fabulous things this Friday too!

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