Friday Favorites 8/19/11

Hello! Today is a great day. It really is so far. It's Friday, I survived a less than great at times week, and things are looking up for our weekend now so that makes me happy!

Here are some things I'm finding fabulous this week:

1. Redbook magazine - I don't know if this is a sign of getting older or what, but I have found this natural progression in what kind of magazines I like to read. When I was young it was YM or Teen (do they even make those anymore?) or Seventeen. Approaching my twenties I got into Cosmo and Glamour. And now, I still like Glamour a bit, but I ended up with a free copy of Redbook from the clinic recently and kind of tossed it aside thinking of it as my "mom's" kind of magazine. But one day at home I was bored so I picked it up and I realized...I like this magazine. I would rather read this than read the "trashyness" of Cosmo. No offense to anyone who still likes that one of course. I just find that for where I'm at in my life the articles in Redbook kind of make sense. I am almost 30 after all and I'm slowly coming to terms with it and I guess my reading material is a sign of that fact!

2. Barley Johns Brewpub - so last night we were going to have stir fry at home, but then I saw on the Facebook page for Barley Johns, a brewpub that is not far from our house, that they were going to have a new Belgium Single on tap starting yesterday. I mentioned this to Nate and he said, we could go there for dinner instead. He got a gift certificate to there for helping someone with their computer, so we thought, heck, let's treat ourselves! I just love Barley Johns, the food is good, the beer is outstanding, they have a wonderful patio and it has that Cheers "everybody knows your name" atmosphere. We had a great dinner and a couple of beers while sitting out and enjoying a very nice evening. Perfection.

3. Muppets: The Green Album - this new CD doesn't come out until Tuesday, but I was able to preview it online this week and I am in love. It's an awesome CD of covers of famous Muppet songs done by some really awesome artists, many of whom are frequent artists played on my radio station of choice, 89.3 The Current. It's part of what I think will be a lot of publicity leading up to the new movie in November. At any rate, I just love some of these covers, especially Amy Lee's treatment of the song "Halfway Down the Stairs" and Rachael Yamagata doing "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" from the Muppet Movie - it's almost tear jerking. I will be purchasing this on Tuesday, just can't go wrong, Muppets and indie artists. Awesome.

4. A Good Night's Sleep - funny how much we take this for granted, eh? But seriously, the last few nights Nate and I have been really making an effort to get to bed at a reasonable time and have managed a couple of nights now where we've gotten a full eight hours and I tell you, it feels SO good. We are both feeling better in general as I think we've both been pretty rundown since coming back from St. Louis.

5. Sweet Corn - Jes was kind enough to give us some sweet corn that she had gotten in her CSA share that she has with her aunt, her aunt was out of town and since Jes really can't have the corn, thought we'd like it and left it on my deck last week. We finally got around to grilling it on Wednesday and it was probably some of the best corn we've had so far this year. I love grilled corn. Love, love, love it. I think I'll be hitting up Bob's Produce or something along those lines to get some more now that it should be really in season!

There you have it folks! What are you finding fabulous today? Have a great weekend!


Gina said...

The gorgeous weather that we have been blessed with so I can sit for hours on my patio and read my book! And I'm going to agree with you on the sweet corn. It has been SO good this year!

simplicity said...

I love Redbook too!! I randomly ended up with a subsription a few years back and I really enjoy reading it!! Happy Friday, Beth!

Jes said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the sweet corn!