Too hot to run

Well, yesterday was supposed to be the Torchlight 5k. And of course for days the forecast kept saying that yesterday was also going to be the peak of the heat in this latest heatwave. So, as the day got closer, we knew we'd likely be walking the duration of the race instead of running. And then yesterday hit and after all we've been dealing with at home with issues and just overall feeling kind of heat sick yesterday we decided to pull out and just lose the money.

But then the organizers of the event did something awesome - around 4:30 they just simply announced that the 5k would be postponed to another date. So, in the end, we haven't lost out yet, if it's rescheduled to another date that we can still do, we won't lose any money! The rescheduled date has not been announced yet. I think that was a smart choice on the event planners part - however they maybe should have made that call before so late in the day yesterday, but either way, it was probably a good thing, I think they would have had a bunch of heat related sickness and problems if they had held the race as it was.

So, since we weren't running, we instead got to take advantage of some generous friends who have access to an awesome swimming pool.

Look out below!!

This was a great way to beat the heat and really, tons more fun than running would have been last night. Capped off the night with some Dairy Queen. Swimming + ice cream = bliss.

Of course today is much better, the air has changed, the humidity has dropped. Makes me almost rethink my breaking it off with summer completely. To quote Ross from Friends, maybe summer and I were just "on a break." Then again, next week's St. Louis trip could force the break to be back on, we'll see!


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Love the face! That pool looks so wonderful and inviting!

simplicity said...

Love that pic, Beth!! Have a great vacation!! And I'm with you, was good on the organizers part for postponing the 5K!