Friday Faves

Slowly working on some more changes to the ole blog here - I have recently discovered "pages" and how those work so I'll be working on those a bit and you might notice them.

Today I'm starting a new theme post. I enjoy reading other blogs I find out on the Internet and I saw this one and loved the idea - Friday Faves. I will bring you a list of what I am finding awesome each Friday. I'm going to try for awhile anyway! I have never met the gal who I credit with coming up with this - but I wanted to give a shoutout to her anyway - Thanks for an awesome idea Katie!

So what am I finding fabulous this Friday?

1. Nate's spaghetti. I love that my husband is so willing to experiment and try out different things in the kitchen. He has perfected spaghetti sauce - sometimes it varies a little bit, but for the most part it's an awesome flavorful sauce each time. We haven't had it for awhile because when it's hot outside, the last thing I want is Italian food, but it finally cooled down so last night we finally had some again. And it was delicious.

2. Schafly Beer. We discovered this beer in St. Louis. Obviously we went on the Budweiser tour and what not, but we're not Budweiser drinkers, we prefer craft beer. So we went off the beaten path a bit and looked for a liquor store hoping to find some craft beer unique to St. Louis. Enter Schafly. We got a sampler pack to take home and so far I've been very impressed. I haven't looked yet, but I don't think we can get this beer up here. Might have to have our relatives down there ship us some, ha ha.

3. Covert Affairs. We just got hooked on this USA show that is in it's second season already. We managed to obtain all of season one and have been working our way through it. There does seem to be a large number of Spy type shows on the air right now - but I like this one because the main character is a woman. And she's quirky (like the main character on most USA shows is) and easy to relate to. I have really been enjoying this show.

4. Goodreads. I'd like to thank Jes for introducing me to this website - it has really helped me get back into reading and has been a useful tool for keeping track of what books I've read or want to read. If you've never checked it out, it's worth a look - it's kind of like Netflix for books, although you aren't getting any in the mail or anything. But you can rate books and make lists of books you want to read. Pretty neat tool!

5. Garnier Fructus Pure Clean Styling Wax. When you have hair as short as mine, you need a good product to use for styling. I was thrilled to discover that this stuff uses natural ingredients, actually works really well on my hair AND has a nice low price tag, easily purchased at Target or the drugstore. Who said you have to pay for beauty?

There you have it! What are you finding to be fabulous this week? Happy weekend!


Gina said...

Let's see-I'm finding it fabulous that Steve is on the right direction with getting numbers in the right area (you know what I mean!) He's doing so well it's wonderful!

Jes said...