Not much to report

Really don't have anything exciting to blog about at the moment. It is not a bad thing however! Life is slowing down a bit this coming weekend and it's a three day one thanks to the holiday. I'm glad about that. Summer has felt like it's been on fast forward a bit at the moment so it'll be nice to have a few days with not too much going on so we can kind of relax a bit.

We have a concert to go to on Sunday night so that will be fun. That's kind of the only major thing planned this weekend though. Saturday is wide open and I plan to keep it that way right now. We might golf with my parents if anything, that would be fun though since we haven't been out once yet this year.

We have one more day of 30 minutes of running to do and then the 12 week Walk to Run program will be complete. We are going to be running tomorrow morning - it'll be warm out there, but I know we can do it. The next program we're going to do is probably a basic 5K training program - we'll end up doing the Torchlight 5K kind of in the middle of the program, but that's ok. It's still giving us something to work on. The biggest difference will be we'll start logging our miles instead of our minutes. That'll take some getting used to, but I'm ready to try it out. I am so proud of how far we've come, that is for sure!

That's about it. We're so exciting over here! It's not a bad thing though.

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