Wet and Wild Experience

I had some Blogger issues today - so if you read my earlier post, well this is going to be a paraphrase of that one because I couldn't save what I had already written. Sigh.

Ok maybe not a wild experience. But definitely a WET one.

Rock the Garden was wet, cold, and more wet this year. I did enjoy myself despite the awful weather and hey, the sun did come out long enough to pretty much just give us a pretty sunset. Where do we live again? Seattle? Oy.

The lineup was as good as promised. I enjoyed seeing Neko Case live, though this wasn't the right venue for her. She would be better in a small theatre type environment and if I ever get the chance to see her that way I will. She even joked about it during her set, that she wasn't quite appropriate for an outdoor venue. My Morning Jacket was pretty good, I enjoyed their set, they sure have a ton of energy!

Below are a few pictures - the stage when Neko Case was performing, Nate and I braving the rain and my muddy, dirty feet. I'm glad we went, though I don't know that I want to repeat the experience again, I was so cold when I got home!!

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