First weekend of summer

The weather here in MN was perfection - those who live here, do you agree? Sunny, warm but not humid, definitely summer at it's best!

Friday night we had a nice light dinner at my parents because it was still kind of hot outside. Then we headed home and made margaritas and watched just stupid movies. Sometimes it is nice to just lose yourself in total potty humor type movies and let your brain be turned to mush!

Saturday I got up and met three lovely ladies from my sorority for brunch at Psycho Suzi's and it was wonderful to sit outside and catch up with each other. I love these girls so much, we have such busy lives that we don't get a chance to hang out nearly enough, but when we do it's always a blast and we don't realize how long we've been sitting and chatting! It was gorgeous out on the patio at Suzi's too, though even with sunscreen and an umbrella I managed to get sunburn on just one little spot on my arm. Oops.

I got home just in time to bid Nate farewell as he was heading off to a bachelor party for the afternoon and evening. I had my whole afternoon free and even though it was gorgeous outside, I chose to finally attack a project that's been plaguing me for awhile - cleaning the spare bedroom up a bit. The spare bedroom right now is kind of my "office" and "crafting area" but it's just been full of junk too. But I tell you I worked for about two hours and organized everything, threw some stuff out and now it's much nicer again! You can actually walk around and I no longer need to leave the door closed!

After that I cleaned myself up and went to church, where, in my opinion, one of the most amazing priests ever was saying Mass because our normal pastor was on vacation. I love listening to Fr. Joncas preach, he could read the phone book and I'd still probably find it fascinating. I left feeling super uplifted, I love that feeling.

Then I went to Praise Project rehearsal and stayed there until pretty late, figuring Nate would probably be home from his party by the time I got there. I got home and he was still actually gone and also wasn't answering his phone which sent me into a bit of a cranky mood for a little bit, but fortunately thanks to the host's wife, I found out that he was just playing poker. And then later Nate told me that the chair he was sitting on was making it hard to feel his phone vibrate so he wasn't getting my messages. I went ahead and went to bed and it sounds like he came home about an hour after that.

Sunday we slept pretty late and then got up to do our walk for the day. I was nervous because Nate had been experiencing shin splint type pain last week, but further research found that the new shoes he had bought a couple of weeks ago were not giving him the correct support and was actually causing the shin splints. Before the party on Saturday he went back to the New Balance store and they were awesome - they exchanged his shoes for the other model he used to have without any question. And fortunately it seems to have helped.

After our walk we decided to go out to lunch and simply chose Perkins because it was close and if we felt like breakfast we could do that or have something off the lunch menu. Our experience there was interesting at best - as soon as we were seated we were told that they were running a bit slow and our food could take up to 20 minutes. We weren't really in a hurry, so we said 20 minutes was fine. Yeah, it ended up being almost an hour. I don't know what was going on in that kitchen, because the dining room was pretty empty at this point. We were comped free muffins though to take home, so that was nice of them.

Then we hit the store even though we try to avoid doing so on Sundays, we really needed some stuff at home. After that we were pretty lazy with the rest of our day, definitely took advantage of the weather and grilled outside for dinner then finished out our weekend with a disc of Mad Men, we're almost done with season two.

Not bad for the first weekend of summer! Next weekend will be a bit of a busy one with a wedding and a graduation open house that will be taking up most of our time. Tis the season!

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Gina said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I bet you are happy you tackled the office/craft room! It certainly was gorgeous weather that's for sure!