Not just one, but two

So over the weekend we found out that not just one, but two of our favorite eating establishments have closed down.

The first one was relatively new to us - Stabby's Cafe in South Minneapolis. Yes, I know, interesting name right? We found them last spring when searching for different breakfast spots, they hadn't been around super long, but we went and checked them out and loved it. They had a small dining room, but it was always full of people for breakfast! They had outstanding french toast and Nate loved their corned beef hash.

Nate was going to treat us to breakfast at Stabby's on the morning our anniversary and simply went online to double check their hours only to discover, they had closed their doors earlier this month. We only got to eat there a couple of times in the last year and had been talking about going for weeks. Guess we won't be doing that now!

The one I am more disappointed about however, comes as a little more of a shock to me. One of my favorite little sandwich/coffee shops - Urban Harvest in NE Minneapolis is no longer open. My parents tried to go there for lunch over the weekend and found they were closed with paper on the windows.

I never liked the coffee bar much at Urban Harvest, but they had outstanding sandwiches and soups. We loved going there for a lunch treat. It was a little spendier than many sandwich places, but we always felt it was worth it for the amount of food you got and the quality of the ingredients. And I appreciated the fact that it wasn't a "chain". Not that there is anything wrong with chains, but I liked the more independent feel of this place. We've been going there for the last ten years easily, so this is really a bummer to me!

I do know that in tough economic times though, the restaurant industry takes a huge hit, so I'm sure that's what happened to these places. I'll mourn the loss of them for a bit and guess that we'll be on a quest to find suitable replacements as time goes on!


Jes said...

It is a bummer when your favorite places close! Good luck finding new places!

Joseph Scarbrough said...

Welcome to my world, Beth. These places have been closing right and left around here for the past four years, and they still continue: just recently, every last Baskin-Robbins location has closed down.

*Song break* "This is the recession, I forgot to mention, that we're all poor here, OY!"