The view from here

Last night was pure perfection in my eyes.

Picture this - sitting on the deck, relaxing on my gilder with a book, ice cold beer, smells of Nate grilling corn and brats (standard summer meal for us, so good). Breeze keeping me cool. Sun blocked by trees in my back yard.

I have said time and again I'm not much of a summer girl - but nights like last night make me love it a little more. And after the winter we just had, well, I'm approaching this summer with a new appreciation.

For a brief moment as I sat I did let my mind wander to how much work we still need to do on our backyard. And how every year I say "this will be the year we really make this nice" and then it doesn't happen because other projects become more important. But I tried to put that out of my head. I'm not making promises this year, if we finally get to some of it, great, if not, I still have a nice deck and it could always be worse.

Instead of dwelling, I just sat back and relaxed and appreciated the moment and what I do have. And it was lovely.

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Gina said...

Oh that sounds wonderful!!! I love just relaxing on the patio reading a good book.