It's been a busy few days in our world! It passed by in a bit of a blur too, but it was all pretty good stuff.

Friday was Nate's surgery - it went super well! He went back the next day and was testing at 20/15 with both eyes together and 20/20 in each eye alone. His healing is going quite well and I think he's pretty happy with the results so far.

I got this picture of him real quick at our mass on Saturday - it's not great, but I think you get the general idea of his "glasses free" look!

Saturday was a full day for us - we ran a bunch of errands after his very early follow up appointment and then we did an early evening mass with Praise Project and had a nice dinner at Red Robin just the two of us. Came home and watched movies and chilled and it was very nice!

Sunday we slept in a bit, got up and went for our run and.....drum roll please.....

WE HIT 30 TOTAL MINUTES!!! That's right folks, we made it! We still have to do two more days worth of that this week, but that is basically the end of our program. I was so nervous about it but it went super well and I felt amazing afterward. We're not done just because we've hit the final week though, we'll start a 5K training program next. I'm proud of us both!

After we euphorically returned home from our successful run, we were planning on doing some yard work, but then my mother-in-law called and said that there were gorgeous strawberries at the Farmer's Market. It's ironic because we were going to stop there on Saturday, but just never made it. Anyway, she said they looked amazing and asked if I wanted to make jam. I thought about and decided it would be a good day. Since she still had a quick contact lens appointment, I went out and cut up the remaining branches I had in the backyard while Nate mowed the front, then took a shower, grabbed my frozen rhubarb and met up with her.

We got the jam all made and canned in about two hours, which was good because I had an open house for my cousin's graduation. Below is a picture of the jam in the pot and then the finished product in the jars.

I'm excited to taste the jam - we haven't made it since 2008, so this is a nice treat! The strawberries were super yummy too, they were picked fresh on Sunday morning in fact. Nate and I will be attempting a strawberry rhubarb pie next!

I left to go get Nate and we went to my cousin's open house. It was a little bittersweet - she was my "baby" so to speak, I took care of her when she was just about six months old until she was old enough to babysit herself. I have fond memories of taking her and her siblings to the park in the summer, of her wanting to sit with me all the time at Follies rehearsals, and as she was older, going to see her in plays and feeling pride as she followed in my footsteps at Heights. I know she'll do good things in the world.

After we left the open house we went back to my in-laws and had an amazingly yummy dinner - grilled shrimp and scallops, rice and veggies. Very tasty, it was so enjoyable.

It was a full and good weekend, but again, I find Monday is almost a nice break! Hard to believe next weekend is the 4th of July already. Hearing it's going to get warm, but I'm kind of looking forward to it! On we go!

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Gina said...

That's awesome about the jam! Looks yummy! I hear you about the weekend going by in a blur!