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Just some this and that today.

Today was the first day we haven't been able to run due to weather in quite awhile. I don't feel bad about missing today either, we just finished two rather intense weeks of our program, and while we will keep adding to our total minutes in the coming weeks, the program starts to back off in intensity now. So in a way, missing today wasn't a big deal at all, it's an extra day to rest and celebrate finishing some of the most difficult days!

Rock the Garden is one week from tomorrow. I am getting insanely excited. It is the highlight of my summer every year and I know this one will be the best one yet, since I finally get to see Neko Case live. It'll kick off my summer of music, because a couple of weeks after that we're going to see the Black Keys with Cage the Elephant (Don't you just love band names?) and a week after that I get to finally go to Josh Groban with my mom. So, so excited for all of it!

Nate is going to have Lasik! He'll be having it done at the end of the month. I am excited for him, I am still so thrilled with my vision and how the whole thing turned out and I hope he will be equally excited with his. He hasn't been sans glasses for pretty much his entire life, so it will definitely be an adjustment. It was all his decision, I am glad he's doing it, but it was up to him to decide. I don't think he'll regret it though! We'll save so much money in the long run not having to buy new glasses every so many years.

As I mentioned earlier this week, we have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us with a wedding on Saturday and the first of many graduation parties we have to go to on Sunday. It's just that time of year. And while there are many fun things coming up, there are a lot of different things coming up and I fear getting a bit frazzled, but I have some vacation days coming too, so hopefully that will help quite a bit in the long run. If anything, I fear the summer is going to fly by - going to try to just go one day at a time as much as possible! Because after the winter we just had, this year I actually feel like I AM a summer girl! Ha!

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Gina said...

Enjoy Rock the Garden and the concerts coming up! What a great way to kick off summer!