Thrifty Tuesday with a fuzzy picture

So here's another attempt at a "Thrifty Tuesday" post. Once again the picture quality kind of stinks because I'm just not that good at self portraits. Eventually I'll get my act together and have Nate take a picture of me on days I plan to do this.

At any rate, I like my outfit today and am rather proud of it, so here it is.

The rundown:

Capri/gaucho pants - East 5th brand which I think is from Kohl's or Herbergers, I purchased these at Clothes Mentor for around $10.00 www.clothesmentor.com (Search for locations, I usually go to Roseville)

Tank Top - Maurices, $12.00 but I had a 25% off coupon and got it for $9.00 www.maurices.com

Lightweight sweater (or what they are calling a "cardi-wrap) - Maurices, $29.00, but again, 25% off coupon and got it for around $21 www.maurices.com

Bag - Fun Sisters, I believe it was around $30 www.thefunsisters.com

So probably around $70 total for this outfit, though all items have been purchased over time, not necessarily all at once. I'm most proud of the gaucho/capri pants because of course they came from Clothes Mentor which is the best consignment shop around.

Oh and you can't see my feet, but I'm wearing Tommy Hilfiger sandals that were purchased at DSW for much cheaper than retail about three years ago and they're still in awesome shape. (www.dsw.com)

I try my best to be a thrifty fashionista anyway!


Gina said...

Love the outfit, especially the purse!!!

Jes said...