Holiday weekend recap

We're back at it after a lovely long weekend. When is a long weekend ever bad? Seriously though, this was a good one!

Friday I took a half day, didn't do anything terribly exciting with it, mostly got my weekend chores out of the way. We went to Punch with my parents for dinner and then out to Psycho Suzi's to celebrate a good friend's birthday. Sadly we didn't stay too late because Nate got overheated and it was kind of stuffy in the upstairs bar there. With the storm there was no way we could've sat outside, which was too bad. So we headed home so he could cool off.

Saturday we slept in, I met up with my parents for our usual coffee and then Nate and I took the rest of the day to just chill and it was really nice. He even went to Lush with me - what a nice guy! We had lunch outside on our deck. Nate got a hair cut. We ran to the grocery store and picked up fixings to grill some steaks for dinner and then we enjoyed said steaks with a nice bottle of wine that we had picked up when we visited the winery on our anniversary. Finished our evening with a movie. It was probably my favorite day of the weekend just because sometimes we need that kind of time just the two of us.

Sunday we met up with my parents for a round of golf and did nine holes at the course where we play our family tournament every year. I am proud to say I did pretty well - I shot a 47, which is actually decent for nine holes at this course. I even beat my mom who gets out much more than I do! I'm excited to go again, golf is more fun when you are playing well! Nate did pretty well also, my dad said that perhaps Lasik is helping both of us with our games!

After golf we went home to veg for awhile, which mostly consisted of us playing video games - I know, so lame when it was so nice outside. But it was fun. Mindless. You can't beat that. Then in the evening we went to the Black Keys concert. I enjoyed the Black Keys. I did not enjoy Cage the Elephant, the opening band. They were loud for the sake of being loud. When the music is vibrating in my chest, it's too loud. I don't care if that makes me sound like an old woman at the ripe ole age of 29, you know what, my hearing is valuable to me and I don't care to lose it too early! I was nervous about how the whole show would go when those guys were performing, but when the Black Keys came on it was much better. And they were pretty awesome!

And then that brings us to Monday, the actual holiday. I got up and went to this awesome boutique sale that I went to last year - Cliche in Minneapolis - they are kind of a spendy place during the rest of the year, but every year on the 4th they mark stuff way down - you can get things for as cheap as $5.00. I'd like to thank Miss Jes for introducing me to this shop, I got some awesome deals. And now I lock my wallet for the rest of the summer because I need to have money for our St. Louis trip and other things!

Went back home after the sale and went for a run with Nate, we've started the Beginner 5K program, so now it's no longer about the minutes run, but instead the distance. Kind of exciting. After that we made some beans to bring over to my parents house for a picnic there. We had a great time playing Bocce Ball and eating food with my parents and some Praise Project friends. Headed back home and crashed. Skipped fireworks this year and that is ok with me.

Overall it was a good weekend and I feel much more rested coming back to work than I did last 4th of July. Last year I did a lot and ended up getting very sick the week following the 4th. I don't think that will be the case this year! Knock on wood, but I'm feeling great, especially with the running and taking better care of ourselves we've been doing!

This week will be pretty quiet. Mom and I go see Josh Groban on Friday and I'm soooooo excited for that. Otherwise life will be pretty tame until we go to St. Louis at the end of the month. I'm getting excited for that trip as well!


Gina said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!! I bet you are getting excited for your trip to St. Louis!

Jes said...

That sale was awesome! Yay for fun, relaxing weekends!