Weekend recap

We had a full and busy weekend - which isn't terribly unusual - but we actually did a variety of things this weekend from fun to productive.

Friday - we started out the weekend having a nice dinner with the Hollands. We went to a place called Wildfire and it was pretty tasty stuff! It was nice to catch up and hang out since we haven't done so in quite a long time!

Saturday - got up early and had coffee with my parents. Then mom and I ran over to Craftstravaganza at the Fairgrounds to visit Jes and her dad and see what else was being sold. I bought some bath and body type stuff, a pair of earrings and some cute magnets for my fridge.

We headed back home and my dad came over and we painted my entire basement ceiling. Yes that is right, the entire ceiling. I think I have talked about how we've been working on changing the lighting downstairs. Of course the wiring was all messed up which caused my dad and Nate to have to go into the ceiling, cutting a hole and requiring some mud work. So, we had to paint where they did that and my dad, being a practical man said, might want to just do the whole basement ceiling so it looks the same and it'll freshen it up. We agreed and that's just what we did. Took us about four hours - I was wiped by the time we were done. But I wasn't able to just crash, nope, we had Praise Project rehearsal after that! Saturday was a long day.

Sunday - Got up and did two masses for Praise Project at St. Williams. It was First Communion Sunday at the first Mass and it was so fun seeing the kids all dressed up. Made me reflect on my own First Communion a bit and there may be a blog post about it this week in fact. After church, we headed home where we were finally able to unwind a bit. Took the afternoon to just chill, doing some laundry, but otherwise vegging. Grilled ourselves burgers for dinner and watched the movie "The Social Network." A little ironic that I watched that movie and then logged onto Facebook right before bed and that is how I learned that Bin Laden was dead. I thought that was interesting. Tried to stay up for the President's speech, but it just was delayed until too late, we were planning to get up early and run so I just couldn't do it.

So it was a pretty full weekend! This week is looking relatively calm in comparison and next weekend will be a little busy again, but that's how the dice rolls sometimes.

Now I'm just hoping Spring comes back!

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Gina said...

We had such a wonderful time with you guys on Friday!! We can't wait until we go out again!