Spring returns!

It's Friday and the sun is shining.

I had a "rant" post all set for today about something driving me nuts, but it doesn't feel right to post it today because I'm in a good mood. So, you might get my soap box on another day I guess. Maybe not. It was trivial and I honestly was just trying to come up with something to post!

So instead - I'm reveling in it being Friday and sunny outside.

I am enjoying the return of spring.

There is green grass. There are birds chirping.

The sky is as pure of a color blue as I have seen it in days.

There is just no reason to grumble on a day like today!



Gina said...

It looks gorgeous out there!!! Plus we are going out to dinner tonight-going to be fun for sure!

simplicity said...

AMEN!!! How can anyone have ANYTHING to complain about today, right??!?? Hope you enjoyed your day and yuor night out!!