The hair drama continues

Oh yes, the drama. I'm kind of kidding, but you've all read about my hair woes and my decision to finally jump ship from my ritzy more expensive salon. Loved Miss K and the way she cut my hair, but I'm trying to live a budget friendly life and it was time to move on.

So I found a lovely salon still not far from my house that was a little more friendly on the wallet and had two appointments with Miss S, who cut my hair just fine. The last time I saw her, I made an appointment to come in this month for not just a haircut, but foils in my bangs as well. (Translation for male readers - foils means, I'm throwing some color in my hair)

She asked if I wanted a reminder card, but I'm like "oh no, I'll remember my appointment" Well I wrote it down on two different Tuesdays, yesterday and next Tuesday. And they don't necessarily call for reminders, so I said, ok, I'd better call them and confirm this. They aren't open on Mondays, so I had to wait until yesterday morning.

Called on a quick break at work and got a nice gal on the phone and explained my situation, I have an appointment but wrote it down two places, yadda yadda. She says "Hmm, let me see here" and then doesn't say anything at first. Finally she said "Um, I hate to tell you this, but I don't have you on the books for either tonight or next Tuesday." I said "really? I pre-booked because I usually see S and I know she only works on Tuesdays". The gal was quiet again then said sort of timidly "Oh um, S is no longer working with us, she went to someplace more corporate."

Say what?

I thought for a minute about my options, but decided, I need a haircut, badly. So I said "ok um, well could I make an appointment with someone else?" And she was more than willing to help with setting it up and I could tell she felt really bad and almost embarrassed about the whole thing. So I'm seeing someone else now on Thursday evening.

I like the salon and the prices, so I'm really hoping this works out. I just can't believe she left! Figures, don't it?


Gina said...

I hope that you like the new person you are seeing tomorrow! No fun when something like that happens!

Alexandra said...

I can't believe she left & didn't tell you. That's really dumb, since you probably would have followed her to the new place (as long as it was still nearby & not too expensive).