Too close for comfort

Well the "Rapture" may not have come this weekend as I predicted it wouldn't, but Mother Nature's wrath sure did!

Saturday wasn't terribly bad, it rained a bit off and on, we did a church gig and grabbed some pizza afterward, got home, heard the sirens, but it never really did much more than rain some more by us. So that was all fine and good.

Sunday, we slept in and had a hard time waking up and getting going because it was still damp and drizzly. We decided to get up and make breakfast and just kind of put off our walk for a bit because it was gross out. The cats were acting strange, just picking on each other and being skittish, like they just knew something wasn't right in the air. And it did just feel kind of off.

I went and grabbed us some Caribou and the sun came out - we easily could've walked, but by then Nate was pretty far into making breakfast and so we decided to wait. By the time we were done eating, the sun had gone away again and it was back to raining. While we were eating, Nate asked me what I wanted to do, if perhaps there was a movie I wanted to go see. I really wanted to go see Bridesmaids so I suggested that. We found it was showing a couple of different places and settled on the Roseville AMC for their 1:30 show.

Got all showered up and ready to go and headed off. It wasn't really raining anymore, but the air still felt thick and gross. I was glad we were going to just be inside in a comfortable movie theatre. We decided to park kind of across the mall from the theatre and use the distance as part of our walk. It must have been super humid, by the time we got to the theatre, we were both sweating. The inside of the theatre didn't feel all that nice and cool either.

So we watched the movie, running time was about two 1/2 hours with previews - I really enjoyed it though, it was a hilarious movie. At one point, it sounded like it was pouring outside. I figured if it turns out to be pouring we'll just go walk around the mall when the movie is over. But, it wasn't raining at all when we left, but you could tell it had definitely poured quite a bit.

We headed home and the sun was coming back out, so we did a quick stroll around the neighborhood since it was nice and clear. Came back and needed to waste some time before going to dinner at Nate's parents, so I hopped online to check in some places and discovered there was a tornado while we were at the movie. A pretty bad one in North Minneapolis. And then I started seeing reports of damage in areas of Fridley - areas that were sounding closer and closer to my parents' neighborhood as I continued to read. I started getting a little nervous and was just getting ready to call my mom when the phone rang.

It was my mom - I swear we have this mental telepathy thing or something. The first words out of my mouth were "are you ok?" She said "yes, it was scary for awhile, but we're fine, are you ok?" So I was like yes, we're fine, it only rained over here. She then told me about how her and my dad had just left the house, he was going to drop her off at St. William's to help Marie with her student piano recital and as they were driving, the storm came up behind them. They barely had time to get into the church and down into the basement there. My mom laughed a little because Marie had said "Well, at least we're in a good place if something happens!" She said between the church and my their house though there was damage, many trees down, shingles and siding from other homes strewn about. My dad went and took pictures, I'll be anxious to see some of those.

I hung up with her satisfied that they were ok - but I continued to read the reports from North Minneapolis and the Fridley area and I was SO thankful that my parents were spared. It was just too close for comfort for me.

My office was also spared and I did joke that I guess that means I have to work now, but in truth I'm glad it was ok. Overall just feeling thankful today and hoping the rest of the summer calms down a bit more in the weather department!


Gina said...

Wow!!! That is crazy! Glad to hear that your parent's are okay. It was pouring buckets over at my parent's house and I guess in Crystal it was dark as night and coming down in sheets. I really hope that the weather starts to settle down now.

simplicity said...

I'm with Gina, hope this weather improves big time!!

Glad your parents and their home is ok! Was just reading info about the Fridley storms on the Fridley Patch site, do you know about it? Might want to take a look and even pass along to your parents. fridley.patch.com