Living in a fog

You want to know something I really dislike? Spring colds. And lately, it seems like I get a cold every single spring. Which I suppose could mean it's also allergies, but in this instance, I am pretty sure I was gifted with a headcold this week. Nate had one and was super kind to pass it on to me, so thoughtful of him right?

Honestly today I'm feeling pretty good, so it was at least short lived. But I spent the better part of this week in a bit of a fog. You know that feeling that your entire head is just stuffed up and feels like it's full of cotton? That is where I was most of this week. I had started the week with fun blog post ideas too and sadly, just couldn't get myself to write them due to my foggy brain. I hope to finally get some of them written and posted in the next week or so to breathe some life back into this blog!

For now, I'm happy that the fog is clearing and my energy is back. Spring colds just are no good. I'd rather have one when it's cold outside and my body is in hibernation mode anyway! Not when the weather is getting nicer and you want to be outside!


Gina said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I agree with you that spring colds are the worst!

Jes said...

Glad you are feeling better today dear!

simplicity said...

Evie and I just got over bad colds! Ugh! I hear ya! Hope you're feeling better to enjoy the nicer weather this weekend!