No complaints

So it seems we have just been making the most of our weekends lately! This one was no exception!

Friday night we had dinner at my parents and brought my mom some of Nate's famous homemade margaritas, since she made my favorite dinner ever, chicken enchiladas. It was all very tasty! We headed home and chilled and it was nice to unwind from the week.

Saturday we were up nice and early and I did my Coffee Saturday with my parents and then came home. Nate and I went and got him some new running shoes because believe or not, since starting our running program last year we have run about 254 miles to date and shoes need to be replaced for a person of Nate's size around 300 miles - while we're not quite there yet, he has noticed his shoes breaking down a bit and figured, this will give him a chance to break in the new ones too, he can go between the two.

After shopping, we came back home for lunch and my dad came over and put the old lights we took down from the basement into my laundry room. It's amazing the transformation - I can now see what I'm doing with my laundry SO much better than I could before. While my dad worked on that, Nate put up our new stress reliever, dart board in the basement. It looks nice on the wall and after my dad left we had some fun throwing darts. It's a good thing we have the kind of wall board we do in our basement, as I think more of my darts stuck to the wall than the board, but it will be fun to play with and try and improve my skills.

Saturday night we went to the North Star Roller Girls roller derby championship. Sadly our favorite team did not fare so well after kicking butt almost the entire rest of the season. There's always next year I suppose!

Sunday we got to sleep in and it was very nice to be able to do that! We got up and did our walk for the day, choosing to go all the way to the Cub by our house to grab a couple of items we needed to make breakfast. Came home and made said breakfast and then worked out in the yard for about two hours, finally getting a chance to clean up and make things look nice again for the first time this year. There is still much to be done, but we're getting things in good shape so far!

Wrapped it up a bit early so we could go to a graduation open house for a good friend who just completed their masters degree - congrats JL! After the open house we had dinner with my in-laws who treated us to burgers and fries at Five Guys Burger and Fries - if you haven't been to a Five Guys yet, you don't know what you're missing, best fries in the world. It is a bit "fast food" like in nature, but believe me, it's well above McDonald's or Burger King or even Culvers.

And then we crashed for the rest of our Sunday because we were just exhausted! I'm exhausted again just recapping all of this! At the same time though, it felt good. Work and play. Balance.

No complaints here.


Gina said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy but productive weekend!

Jes said...

Yay for fun weekends!