Running up that hill

Blog title stolen from a song by Kate Bush of the same name.

So, here we are. We're into good spring weather finally. We're both healthy. And we're actually moving along nicely on our running program so far this year!

I was worried in the first few weeks because it just didn't seem like it was clicking as well as I thought it would and we seemed to have problems being able to go out every day due to weather. Yet somehow, we have managed to get pretty far into our program.

We're doing the Nike "Walk to Run" again - it builds you up in a really nice way. Right now we're on a week where on the "Run" days, we do two sets of six minutes at a time. So 12 minutes of total running. And it's beginning to feel pretty good. I am remembering why I liked doing this last year.

So, because it's going well and also because I think we might just be crazy, we're going to attempt our first 5K in July. Yes that is right, July. Two months from now July. We're going to try to do the Torchlight 5K that takes place during the Minneapolis Aquatennial. In two months. Eek?

If all goes according to plan though and no one comes down with H1N1 like someone who shall remain nameless (yeah, that was me...) did last year throwing us off our entire schedule, we should be more than able to handle a 5K by mid-July because our current program has us pretty much running that amount by the end. And right now we're on track to finish our program by the end of June.

I also like having a goal. It gives me focus. I am not going into this 5K with any kind of expectations whatsoever - I will be happy to just complete it. I don't care what my time is. My goal is simply to do it. And now I feel like I'm working towards something as we continue on with "Walk to Run."

So let's hope for continued good health and good weather as we keep moving forward!


simplicity said...

Wow! That's great! We will be there for the parade so you'll have to come join us after your run! Maybe I'll run it too, Ialways say I should since we're there but never do...hmm! :)

Gina said...

Oh that is awesome!!! I really need to get my butt in gear for running again. I would love to beat my time from the first 5K that I ran the year I got married.

Jes said...

The torchlight will be so much fun!!